Mathematics Practice Online Test-2

Are you a parent of a child in Primary 3 level? Help your child to prepare for final exams with Free Online Mock Tests today! This practice tests are designed based on old question papers and the sample papers by expert Math tutors of House Tutor Singapore which will definitely help you child to understand the final exams Math questions & build a better confidence!


The Ultimate Guide to Starting a New Semester

The beginning of a new semester is always full of suspense for course work, syllabus, exam schedule and many other things. Here is a step-by-step guide to define the beginning of new semester with effective planning of your studies right from the beginning.

Read this post and learn new techniques to enhance your studies. Follow the effective sources of online learning and find the best resources for scoring high in your semester final exams…


Mathematics Practice Online Test-1

Are you a P2 student in Singapore? Practice your Mathematics calculation skills for free. Take this online test to check your Math knowledge only on House Tutor Singapore. TAKE THE TEST NOW!


Learning Singapore’s Mother Tongues for Primary 1 Education

Is your child in Primary 1? Here are the best methods to help your child to learn mother tongue of Singapore. Best teaching tips for Malay, Tamil & Chinese. Remember, it’s high essential to encourage your child learn the local language / mother tongue along with English, as one can express fully in one’s mother tongue…


English Grammar Online Test-1

Are you smarter than the 5th grader? Take this English Grammar Test with House Tutor Singapore & check your grammar skills for free & check your knowledge with vocabulary. Answer these questions & check your score online for no fees.


Make Maths Fun For Your Kids With These Tips

Does your child keep complaining that he/she hates math? They might be getting exceptional grades in all the other subjects, but mathematics seems to be a tough nut for them to crack. This is because they aren’t able to apply the concepts mentioned in the textbooks in real-world situations. The questions don’t make sense to them!

As a parent/tutor, making mathematics something REAL and fun is in your hands! Let’s see how we can make math fun for children, shall we?

Stressed student sitting in a classroom at a table while doing a test

Two Simple Ways to Improve Your Child’s Attention Span

Explore these 2 simple methods to have your students to focus on studies and extend the attention span. It’s not just that it’s difficult to hold their attention; catching their attention is another story altogether because kids aren’t used to fixating upon one thing for long. They want to explore and go around and observe anything and everything around them! So what can you do to improve their attention span? Here are some tips and approaches that you can adopt for the same purpose


How To Enhance Your Child’s Reading Skills In Primary School [Tips For Singapore Tutors]

Here are the best tips to help your child learn reading skills right from the early age in Primary School. Explore the methods of teaching punctuation, comprehensions, reading pace & different languages with House Tutor Singapore expert teachers. Be a good parent or a tutor. Have a happy teaching!

financial literacy for kids

Teach Money Management to Your Kids Today [Financial Literacy]

In this competitive world, it’s important to teach your kids the best ways to manage & use their money. Here is how to develop financial literacy in your child.