Should Tutors Use Technology While Teaching?

Of course, why not? The judicious use of tech while teaching young students facilitates faster learning and better retention. After all, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that children learn best through audiovisual methods, isn’t it? With the passage of time, most of the fields have witnessed revolutionary changes, so it’d READ MORE


Reasons Why You Should Hire a Home Tutor Before Primary 1

Many believe that it’s not appropriate to hire a professional tutor or give a child a lot of homework before they begin their academic careers and get well-adjusted in Primary 1. But hiring a tutor when the child is in nursery can be extremely beneficial. Let’s have a look at READ MORE


Physics for Beginners: Tips to Get Better Marks

Foundation of Physics might seem extremely complicated and mind-boggling to students when they are first introduced to the subject. This is because they find it difficult to find any application of the subject in the real, 21st-century world. But why does this happen? Mostly due to the fact that the READ MORE

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Study Tips: Improve Your Grades Real Quick!

Are your grades dropping? Or maybe you want to top the class in the next semester? Or maybe you are doing well in all the subjects except mathematics, in which you need some help? If that’s the case then this blog post is for you! Here are some ways through READ MORE


How To Score Good Grades in Economics Exams? [Study Tips For A-Level Students]

Many students find economics really boring because of how theoretical it can get at times. But connect it to real-world 21st-century examples and voila! The drab, old subject becomes suddenly interesting because you are able to apply the theories and the ‘-isms’ to real scenarios as well as the current READ MORE


All the Types of Numbers Out There Explained

The Types of Numbers Out There Explained! Oh, it seems that your tryst with numbers has begun and how! Right after children memorize the numbers, they are introduced to the forms that a number might come in, i.e., they are introduced to the types of numbers out there. Now, this READ MORE


Last-Minute PSLE Preparation Tips for Students

PSLE preparation may seem a little tough but it’s actually not! If you plan your study smartly and prepare for the exams in different phases, it’s actually easy task to score well in PSLE. Here are some effective tips along with resource links that can help you make up your mind for a better PSLE preparation. Plus, you can get in touch with anytime to connect with an expert MOE Teacher for your personal coaching for PSLE.


Tips to Make Secondary School Easier For Your Child In Singapore

The transition from primary to secondary school might seem daunting to parents. The competition gets tougher, the syllabus is more advanced, and there are a lot of academic as well as co-curricular demands made on students once they clear their PSLE exams. Life might become even more challenging for them READ MORE


GRE Math Test: Tips to Get Better Scores

Students preparing for GRE need some proper strategies in place especially if they want to great grades in GRE Math. Test takers can nail the standardized test and get admission to a graduate school of their choice in the U.S. if practice, study, and know tips and tricks which can READ MORE


Mathematics Practice Online Test-2

Are you a parent of a child in Primary 3 level? Help your child to prepare for final exams with Free Online Mock Tests today! This practice tests are designed based on old question papers and the sample papers by expert Math tutors of House Tutor Singapore which will definitely help you child to understand the final exams Math questions & build a better confidence!