Get Better Grades: Simple Ways to Improve Your Memory

Do you forget the key points of a concept when you are in the examination hall? Have to cram something over a hundred times so that you don’t forget it? Well then, this blog is for you! 


Here are some simple tips to improve your memory so that you can get better grades: 


Write down 


Don’t just read everything and be done with it! Write down whatever you’ve read in your own words if you want to commit the information to long-term memory. Having handwritten notes will be of great help to you, especially when you need to revise. 



Teach someone 


The next time you read something and want to remember it, teach it to your friend or a parent. Not only will it help you to retain the information, but it will also help to enhance your communication skills. 



Use real-world examples 


Establish a relationship with the things you already know when introduced to new information. These connections will enhance the chances of retaining the new piece of study material. 



Study in chunks 


Don’t overload your brain by studying in one stretch! Instead, break your study routine into small chunks. Study for half an hour and take a break. After getting refreshed, you can return to your books again!



Have a quiet study place 


Don’t let distractions bog you down. Have a fixed place and time to study and turn off all devices so that you can concentrate on your textbooks



Watch videos 


If you are unable to remember what you read from your textbooks, then try watching YouTube videos on the subject. There are a lot of educational videos that can help you to enhance your understanding of a topic. So watch them!


Get someone to test you 


Testing your knowledge on a subject is important because it helps you to know how much you have actually retained. Ask a parent or your personal tutor to test you every week!

These tips will help you to enhance your grades and have a razor-sharp memory at the same time! Stay tuned for more such tips and tricks.

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