Study Hacks: Get the Most Out of Home Tuition Sessions With These Tips

Students might find it difficult to juggle academic and co-curricular activities along with personal tuition. Their busy schedules can impair their learning ability and reduce retention capacities due to which the tutoring sessions might end up being just a waste of time. But by making a few alterations and preparing in advance, they can avoid fatigue and be ready for another learning session! [Reference: effective tutoring methods]


Here are some ways through which parents, tutors, and students can get the most out of tutoring sessions: 

1. Parents should make sure that each session is not longer than one school period. But if there is a need to have 1-2 hour sessions, then there should be breaks in between. 


2. Tutors should mix things up and keep the students engaged. This can be made possible by using audio-visual mediums along with traditional teaching methods. 


3. Are you a student? Then you have to get proper rest for your brain to absorb brand new information! So, how about an after-school nap to refresh your grey cells? 


4. Sitting at your desk and studying all the time will put undue stress on your mental and physical health. Get all the feel-good chemicals in your body moving by playing with your friends and exercising for 30 minutes daily instead! 


5. Parents should hire an experienced tutor who does not miss lectures. Regular sessions are necessary because they facilitate better retention and recall of study material. 


6. Tutors should prepare lesson plans and share the same with students and their parents. They should not focus on teaching more than one concept or topic per class. In fact, asking the student to explain the topic back to them can be an effective way to know whether he/she has grasped it correctly.


7. Tutors should think about having some time just for doubts. Every session should have at least 10-15 minutes dedicated to the clarification of doubts. 

Students should remember that the services of a tutor are employed to make his/her academic life easier. They are there to make you understand complicated topics and enhance your grades. So make sure that you make full use of your privilege. Ask questions, let your tutor know when you don’t understand something, and persuade them to give you tips to get more marks in examinations.

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