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Chemistry Tuition Singapore

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Chemistry Tuition Tuition Agency in Singapore.

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Chemistry tuition is the study of atoms, molecules and their interaction in the natural word. Chemists were previously known as alchemist and they were all on the great mission to make iron into gold. Which then was never possible as there was no way to add and remove protons but now with modern technology this is possible but too expensive to even consider. Thus you can see how alchemy evolved to chemistry by placing appropriate supporting theories in place to build this sector in science known as

House Tutor’s Chemistry tutors have the passion and love for chemistry and they hope to impart their knowledge and passion to the students. Studying chemistry can be very difficult at time as everything we know about chemistry is based on theories and we can’t actually see atoms, molecules and electrons. But what we can see is the reaction taking pace such as effervescence, heat or light being released and colour change of the products. No doubt seeing all these changes can be really interesting, but understanding the processes behind all these reactions is essential to mastering chemistry.

Engaging the right chemistry tutor for your chemistry tuition will greatly enhance your understanding of various topics in chemistry. Lets have a look at the topic of elements and compounds, many students have the issue of differentiating between an atom, an element, a molecule, a compound and an ion. If the fundamentals are not explained to you by your home tutor during your chemistry tuition classes, later on when the bigger chapters of acid and bases come in, students will become complete lost and this can be very dangerous in the long run.

Moreover when it comes down to identification of cations and anions, there needs to be a certain amount of memory work involved to memorise the colours of the ions, with a good chem tutor, adequate practice with anion and cation identification during chemistry tuition can prepare you for future tests. Sometime even without performing the experiment, you will be able to identify the cation and anions just by looking at the colour of the reactants.

Another big chapter in chemistry tuition is the mole concept and again the introduction of the mole concept is very important for the child to understand why we came up with the mole concept in the past and what it means. There are a few basic formulae which needs to be memorised for the mole concept, before attempting to solve mole concept problem sums. These formulas are derived from relationship between moles, the molar mass, masses and the volumes. A good chemistry tutor will engage the tutee with step by step guide to understand the molar mass first through the addition of atomic mass in compounds. Later introduce the formula for moles as the mass divided by the molar mass.

Organic chemistry is the last few chapters in the study of o’level chemistry tuition. In this chapter the linkages between alkanes, to alkenes to alcohol and acids and how you can go from one hydrocarbon to the next and back using chemical reactions. Even in these processes there are catalysts and conditions that need to be fulfilled so as to bring the reaction forward. House Tutor them tutors can show you the big picture of how organic is actually all linked to each other.

Ask our friendly coordinators about our selection of chemistry tutors who have teaching experience in both schools as well as private tuition classes. We can match you with a good home tutor who is able to conduct chemistry tuition with all the above mentioned skills and strategies. Call 82591182 to find out more today. If you are a Chinese tutor and you would like to apply for Chinese tuition assignments, please go to our main page to click on ‘tutor sign-up’ and complete your profile with all the necessary details. A profile picture will be ideal as most parents requesting for Chinese tuition are more likely to hire tutors with profile pictures.