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Chinese language has a very long history and some scholars whom are experts in Chinese tuition, claim that it is the oldest language which has been around for about six thousand years. The written records which were found were from the Shang Dynasty shows strong evidence that the Chinese language is definitely at least 3000 years old. Its interesting to note that the evidence were Chinese characters written on a turtle shell.

The traditional Chinese characters were made up of symbols and characters to represent each vocabulary in the Chinese language. There are more than forty thousand characters to represent the entire Chinese language and for an individual to be able to use and converse using the Chinese language their proficiency and vocabulary needs to be at least consisting of about three thousand characters. You can now just imagine the rich vocabulary our Chinese tutors have and the years of mastery it took to be able to conduct Chinese tuition effectively.

Chinese language has a very interesting linguistic phenomenon which took place during the spread of the Chinese language. The Chinese characters were preserved throughout China but there were many different dialects which surfaced. These dialects use the same character but the pronunciations are all very different. Mandarin is now learnt as standard Chinese in Singapore and China. Chinese tutors in Singapore are well versed in their own rights and in Singapore we also have native tutors from China providing an excellent learning experience for students seeking Chinese tuition.

To facilitate the learning of the Chinese language by foreigners, China introduced the “pin-yin” system. This system allows the foreign national with knowledge with English alphabets to learn the Chinese language easily as below every Chinese character there will be the English pronunciation of it in Pin Yin. This has also proven effective here in Singapore where all subjects are taught in English and Pin-Yin comes in very useful even for Chinese tuition classes to reinforce learning.

To teach the Chinese language, House Tutor’s Chinese tutors have come up with many creative ways to engage our learners. We have received many feedback and recommendations from our parents who have engaged our home tutors and we would like to share some of our tutors excellent teaching strategies with you.

a) Colour coding - Our Chinese tutors use colour coding to introduce new vocabulary to their students. Each colour will represent a tone of pronunciation in Mandarin.

b) Flashcards - Our home tutors use flashcards to engage our students during Chinese tuition to craft a sentence using the character on the flashcard. Through this game, the students will be able to construct sentences and challenge each other creatively to craft unique sentences.

c) Audio recording - The Chinese tutor will engage the students using audio recordings of passages and then later question them on their understanding of the audio recording. This will enhance the student’s comprehension skills.

d) Reading aloud - Oral practice will provide the students the confidence to speak aloud as well as work on their pronunciation. In some Chinese tuition lesson, the Chinese tutors encourage the students to record their own voice and then play back to check and identify areas in which they can improve their speaking skills.

So if you are a Chinese language student and you are in need of help, call us now at 82591182 and one of our friendly coordinators will be in-touch with you immediately to assist you with your learning needs and identify the most suitable Chinese tutor to help you in achieving your milestones. Alternatively if you would like to drop us an email at we will get in touch with you within the day.