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Mathematics Tuition Singapore

Here on HouseTutor, we make it easy for all parents/clients to find a suitable home tutor for their child. We conduct stringent and comprehensive checks on our tutors to ensure they are of the highest standards and their educational certificates have been verified. You can view the home tutor’s profiles by clicking on their profile images below.

Maths Tuition Tuition Agency in Singapore.

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Mathematics tuition is a ancient subject which is used right from the start to quantify and identify values so as to derive useful tools to understand everything around us in a logical manner. Several countries in the past such as India, China and Egypt have contributed to the growth and evolution of mathematics. Right now many Singaporean students have constant troubles with learning mathematics & understanding the logic behind application of the concepts and formula.

House Tutor’s Mathematics tutors understand this and have devised method of instructions to deliver the maths content to the student of various ability at a suitable pace with the appropriate instructions and worksheet practices. Mathematics tuition, mainly comprises of practice of problem sums and word problems. The student first needs to make connections with the mathematics and the problem scenario and employ the right concept to solve the maths sum. So the very important role of the mathematics tutor right from the start would be to help the child to make this connections. After matching a successful connection, the maths tutor now needs to practice this newly learnt problem solving skill with the child using various problem sums.

This is when during a mathematics tuition, the home tutor will using several assessment in the form of worksheets or assessment tools like mind-mapping, reflections or exit pass systems to check back on the students understanding of the mathematics concept. These type of pedagogical approach is know as AFL or Assessment for Learning. In AFL, assessment is used as a formative approach to understand the student’s gap in knowledge. This is when mathematics tutors during the match tuition are able to profile the child and give the child the necessary supplementary worksheets to level up the and close the gaps in knowledge and understanding.

Many a times, when we teach a child a concept in mathematics, it is very difficult for the child to grasp the concept by heart. This is when during mathematic tuition, we can introduce scenario based problem solving. With a context, the problem situation become authentic and real which requires the use of the mathematical concept which the mathematics tutor has taught. This type of scenario based practice will help the child internalise the concepts much better as it bring in a real life situation for the child to exercise the concepts learnt.

Another method use by House Tutors to help our students internalise maths concepts is to get the child to teach the concept back to the tutor. When we teach we definitely learn from a different angle and this method of teaching the concept back will help to surface misconception which have not been identified before. When challenged with misconceptions, it actually a good thing so that during mathematics tuition, the tutor is able to explain the cause for the misconception and outline the correct thought process.

When using House Tutor’s mathematics tuition teachers, always remember that different ability of students require different ability of tutors to coach and mentor them. One way to identify the suitable tutor is through their educational qualification and experience. Usually for lower primary and lower secondary subjects, the parent can choose to hire a graduate or a tutor with lesser experience. The reason for this is so that the mathematics tuition fees are not too high and also to tutor a primary one child you don’t need a master degree teacher to coach them. Sometime matching the right tutor to the child is important and once the child has gained competence then the tutor can be changed to match the next level of mastery.

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