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License Opportunity:

Our License fees cost $10000 and here’s what you will receive:

  1. You will receive a sub-domain from House Tutor.
  2. Personal admin panel login access.
  3. Personal House Tutor Corporate E-mail.
  4. House Tutor Name-Card.
  5. Training on how to use the system and on-going support.
  6. You will be eligible for 50% - 90% commission.
  7. You have an option to either to work at home or from our office.
    [Table, Wifi & mailbox provided] at North Bridge Centre [Bugis].

If you would like to know more about our licensee scheme, please fill in the form below.

Tuition Agency Singapore

Singapore Tuition Agency

House Tutor Tuition Agency has evolved over many revision to cater to our Singaporean parent’s home tuition needs. Our tuition agency understands the importance of refining the user experience to improve the communication between tutors as well as between our tuition agency coordinators. You will be able to see this when you browse through our website using various mediums like laptop, computer, Ipad, Iphone or through Android systems.

Along side our continual enhancement to House Tutor site, we have also researched deeply into establishing a unique business model which is able to demonstrate a unique selling point. In Singapore, we are the first tuition agency to incorporate a licensing business model to scale our tuition agency business across Singapore.

With the House Tutor licensee scheme, our licensees are able to purchase a license from our tuition agency to run it as their own business. This scheme will be highly beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to start their own side or passive income. House Tutor Tuition Agency will set up the entire platform for you as a sub-domain from our main domain. An example of your sub-domain will be

We will charge a fee [see above] for the entire set up and this license is for life. You will have no other overheads to pay at all. All the hosting cost will all be born House Tutor Tuition Agency directly. As House Tutor licensee, you will have direct access to our database of parents and tutors. You will be able to use our in-bound mailing & WhatsApp systems to market and coordinate your tuition assignment matching.

Upon joining as our tuition agency licensee, House Tutor will provide you with an email address from our domain. Both your email address and Hp number will be featured on your sub-domain so that all your parents and tutors would be able to communicate directly with you. We will also design and mail to your home your own House Tutor name-card to promote your services among your community of parents. Your House Tutor Namecard will be customised to contain your sub-domain, your Hp number, your name and credentials which you prefer to have listed.

You will be given a series of training on how to use the House Tutor system to recruit tutors, parents and coordinate the tuition assignments. This training will also introduce you to skills required to do local advertisements, Facebook advertisements and Google Business Advertisements. All this will be beneficial for you to build your base of home tutors, students and parents. You will also be given ongoing coaching via WhatsApp / Call / Skype on how speak to parents and streamline the hire process.

All our licensees will be entitled to 50% to 90% of commission payout for every successful tuition assignment matched. There will be more incentive given for licensees who bring in tutors and parents into our tuition agency database thus the payout will be higher [i.e. up to 90%]. Further details on our revenue split model will be introduced to you upon singing up using the link above.

House Tutor Tuition Agency has our office at North Bridge Centre [you can click on Contact Us to view our complete address] and we allow the use of our office for your work if you require it. Using our system, you can work entirely from home using a phone. All it takes it consistent practice and the willingness to learn good speaking and customer service skills.

Our existing licensees and coordinators have been able to make up to $2000 per month through they part-time effort and have proven that the system works and earning a side income is possible. So if you are keen and ready to start your journey to establish a tuition agency business to earn additional income as a side line, drop us an inquiry using the form above. We will call you to explain to you more about our license and how you can become a part of our tuition agency in Singapore.

House Tutor Singapore is expanding worldwide with our unique licensee model which ensure equal share of revenue with licensees and franchisees. We are very proud to announce that we are having our tuition agency established in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and India. If you are keen to come onboard by purchasing a franchise from us to establish in another country, please e-mail us at to inquire.