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  1. Bedok / Upper East Coast
  2. Beach Road / Bugis / Rochor
  3. City Hall / Clarke Quay
  4. Harbourfront / Telok Blangah
  5. Chinatown / Tanjong Pagar
  6. Boat Quay / Raffles Place / Mari

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Mr Ong

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  • Mr Ong
  • Male
  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Pioneer Junior College
  • Gan Eng Seng School
  • Degree Verified
  • 5 years and above
  • 35


"Mr. Ong is a diligent and thoughtful teacher. I will like to thank you for guiding me with your knowledge and fundamentals in math, although it is only for a short period of 4 months my grades have started to show great improvement and I would like to thank you for that. Mr. Ong, have a friendly tone and he really tries his best to teach me a certain question with many different kinds of methods that suits me the most which help me better understand on how to solve and how to tackle such questions in the future. Lastly, Mr. Ong does not only treat me as his student, but he also treated me as if I was his friend too. Which makes me really comfortable when I am learning from him, for that I really do appreciate the efforts that he puts in for me. Once again Thank you so much." - 2019 Aaron (Singapore Poly)

"Good, reliable Maths tutor who will find a way to get through to your child to teach him concepts and clarify subject matter. Gives feedback to parents on child's performance. Patient yet firm. Highly recommended." 2019 Parent Ronita

"When I was in primary 5 I was failing my math I was getting 45% slowly but surely my grades got higher and higher after a year of his teaching I managed to get a B for my PSLE. He is very patient and is usually very clear when he explains answers to me he will find many different types of way to explain a question you don't understand. I highly recommend this tutor if you are looking for someone to teach your child math." - 2017 Ryhan (P5 to P6 PSLE)

"Mr. Ong has many useful teaching methods, he is able to make his students understand complicated concepts through breaking it down into simple logic. He is motivational, frequently convincing students that there is no obstacle that cannot be conquered with hard work. He has many social knowledge to indulge ignorant teens on the expectations of society, what is the correct attitude a person should have when he or she steps into adulthood and potentially help students find their ideal career path and how to work towards it. Mr. Ong can be generous, willing to reward a student with small gifts once the student has shown improvements.He treats his students as his friends willing to attend their birthday parties, have a meal together and even doing volunteer work together when he is free.He can also be very understanding and can relate to teens' interest very well etc. He had guided me to pass my mathematics, a subject I have been failing since primary school and yet now I received an A2 in N levels. I have now progressed to take my O lv Maths. In conclusion, Mr. Ong is an effective tutor and mentor, more students will prosper under his guidance." 2017 Fabian (Secondary 4 N level)

"TC thanks for being so patient to help Rap. I observe that he is getting to like maths. Helping him when he is stuck and cannot continue is a marvellous experience for him. I observe the perseverance in him in trying. Usually, when he is doing his maths he gets agitated when he is stuck and lost interest. Your method and encouragement to students are commendable.Thanks once again Tc." - 2016 Parent Winnie

"TC was my Maths tuition teacher. My friend introduced him to me when he saw me struggling in P5. TC taught me from P5 to P6. He helped me from a failed grade to B grade. He is very patient, understanding and fair. When I am confused, he patiently explains how to get the correct answer and why it is done in a certain way. He is fair in giving homework based on my school workload. When I have problems solving my school homework and after I tried, I always consult him and he would step by step go through the problem until I derive at the answer. I appreciate his concern and care for my weaknesses in Math." - 2017 Raphael Ang (P5 to P6 PSLE)

"Teacher Tc had helped me to improve my maths. In p3, I was average, but he bring out the best in me. In p4, I was able to top the class in maths and was awarded certificates for being top. He was able to make me understand the maths concepts well. In p5, I struggled in CA1 but I gradually improved in SA1 and CA2 and was able to top the class again. In SA2, i aim to get 90 and above under his guidance." - 2014 Bryan Choo (P3 to P6 PSLE)

"Having being tutored by TC for Mathematics for my O level examinations (2017), I have grown to love mathematics as a subject! What separates TC from other tuition teachers I had previously is that he strives beyond his abilities to foster a good relationship with me. By doing so, he was able to further motivate and instigate my appreciations towards mathematics. As a student, my biggest difficult in learning was voicing out my questions when in doubt. However with TC, I was never afraid to ask for help whenever I have problems as he established with me that making mistakes and asking for help is extremely important to excel well in mathematics. Without his help for half a year, I would not be able to love mathematics as a subject and achieve a B3 for my O levels!" - 2017 Ram (Secondary 5 O level)


  • 2017-Oct-01 22:05
    A committed tutor who promised to deliver improvement.