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Gideon Oh

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  • Gideon Oh
  • Male
  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • St.Andrews Junior College
  • Clementi Town Secondary School
  • Bachelor Degree Verified
  • 5 years and above
  • 40


I went into JC math tutoring full time since 2002. For 15 years, I have conducted both one to one and small group tuition. More than 80% of my students achieved grade A or B for their A levels.

I am known for being patient towards students of different aptitude. I am concise in teaching complicated math concepts in very simple terms that every student is able to relate with. My strategy is to be exam focused, training my students how to target the types and trend of exam questions

I have taught over 300 past students from various JCs. I am familiar with the methods of teaching and requirements by the different colleges. Therefore I am able to pace my students through their school examinations and help them improve in their school results as well.